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NOAA's Honua Data Visualizations

NOAA's Honua Data Visualizations are an interactive way to explore the environmental processes of our world.

Understanding Climate Change

Climate is a topic that ties together the atmosphere, oceans, land surface, and the living kingdoms of plants and animals. Greenhouse gases accumulate in the atmosphere because of activities we participate in daily, like driving our cars. The presence of these gases affects climate and weather locally and around the globe. Negative consequences await us in the near future if our actions do not change. To ensure a sustainable future, NOAA scientists and the NOAA Honua program educate the public about and examine the relationships between the atmosphere, oceans, land, and all living things.

Understanding Oceans

The ocean is the dominant physical feature on our planet Earth, covering more than 70% of the planet's surface. Although the ocean is large, it is finite and resources are limited. Ocean literacy and science education are important to NOAA not only because the agency needs experienced and talented scientists to fulfill its mission, but because every individual across the nation is affected by the oceans and atmosphere every day. NOAA's mission is to serve the nation's need for oceanic and atmospheric information. This means helping to ensure that citizens understand how NOAA science impacts their daily lives and future prosperity.

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