Critical Facilities Flood Exposure Tool

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The Critical Facilities Flood Exposure Tool provides an initial assessment of a community’s critical facilities and roads that lie within the 1% annual chance flood zone established by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The tool helps coastal managers quickly learn which facilities may be at risk—providing information that can be used to increase flood risk awareness or to inform a more detailed analysis. The critical facilities tool was initially created to assist Mississippi/Alabama Sea Grant in conducting its “Coastal Resiliency Index: A Community Self-Assessment” workshops and has been expanded nationally.

Data Sources:

  • Flood Zones - Based on FEMA 1% annual flood zones
  • Critical Facilities - 2000 to 2001 FEMA HAZUS-MH data
  • Roads - Based on 2005 ESRI Tele Atlas streets data


  • Overlays critical facilities in a county or municipality with FEMA’s 1% annual chance flood zone
  • Provides a report of critical facilities and the number of road miles in the flood zone

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  • In some cases, a community’s list of critical facilities may not be exhaustive or locations may be incorrect. The data used are from FEMA’s HAZUS-MH database and may be out-of-date, in the wrong location, or not correctly attributed. It is recommended that local, up-to-date data be used for official planning activities.
  • This tool, including its associated data, is meant to be an initial assessment and is not intended to be used for, or in place of, local planning data.