Publications and How-To Guides

Coastal Inundation Mapping Guidebook
The guidebook discusses the inundation mapping process and some of the limitations, such as how the resolution of the data will drive the scale of the planning, and explains why the accuracy of the data needs to be known and communicated to the users.

Social Science Tools for Coastal Management
The skillful application of social science techniques and tools, such as stakeholder engagement and survey design, is critical to the success of community-based climate activities.

Risk Behavior and Risk Communication: Synthesis and Expert Interviews
This report provides a synthesis of social science research and expert interviews on behavior in the face of coastal hazards.
View an oral presentation on this report: Part 1 | Part 2

Good Morning, America! The Explosive U.S. Awakening to the Need for Adaptation
This document provides an overview of the public, political (local, state, and federal), and scientific concern with adaptation in the U.S.

Climate-Related Needs Assessment Synthesis for Coastal Management
Broken down by category or type of need, this document provides a synthesis of the climate-related needs of the coastal management community identified in a variety of documents.

Understanding Risk Behavior
This two-page handout discusses the complexity of behavior in the face of risk and offers best practices for risk communication.

Local Strategies for Addressing Climate Change
A compilation of stories from past editions of Coastal Services magazine focuses on programs, tools, products, and services that communities have developed or are engaged in that enable improved resilience to climate and other hazards.

Local Strategies for Addressing Climate Change Vol 1 (PDF, 1.12MB)
Local Strategies for Addressing Climate Change Vol 2 (PDF, 4.27MB)
These are special editions of the Coastal Services magazine.