Data and Information

Coastal Climate Adaptation Website
The resources on this site include local and state adaptation plans, newly developed policies, case studies, basic climate information, risk and vulnerability assessments, and decision-support tools. Visitors can share and learn from others via the forum.

Coastal Inundation Toolkit
This suite of information and tools, developed by the Digital Coast Partnership, helps communities understand, identify, and assess coastal inundation risks, including sea level rise and other potential climate impacts.

Digital Coast Data Resources
Digital Coast provides access to a variety of geospatial data sets, including elevation, land cover, and shoreline. Many of the data holdings in the Digital Coast can be used for climate change applications.

Diving Deeper Podcast: Preparing for Climate-Related Impacts 
Learn about climate change, climate variability, and how to prepare.

Pacific Islands Climate Change Virtual Library
Pacific Island coastal managers can find climate resources relevant to their region, including adaptation strategies, case studies, decision-support tools, policies and regulations. The forum enables communication and collaboration between decision makers and those agencies and organizations producing climate change information and resources.